sustainability champions Daniel Hartz instagram

A Sustainability Champion: Interview with Daniel Hartz

Daniel Hartz is a true sustainability champion. He is the founder of Sustainability Champions & share his positive outlook on sustainability.

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marianne olsson gig economy expert

Is the Gig Economy Right For You? Interview with Gig Economy expert Marianne Olsson

We interviewed gig economy expert Marianne Olsson to determine what is the gig economy, how to join the gig economy, and who should join the gig economy.

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rent crates moving boston ma

Meet The Sharers: Doran Donovan – Replacing Cardboard Boxes with Moving Crates

RentItems interviewed Doran Donovan an innovator and sustainability solutions provider in the sharing economy and moving industry.

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rent items marketplace platform

10 Exciting Things About The New RentItems Platform

Sometimes buying and selling your items is not a good option. Instead keep your items and rent them on the RentItems Rental Marketplace.

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teaching children entrepreneurship and business

Teaching Children Entrepreneurship and Business Skills

Teaching children about entrepreneurship, business, and being resourceful with the items they possess is a valuable life lesson to learn. I personally like to use hands-on and real-life situations as teaching opportunities.

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custom furniture rentals Tino Go

Meet The Sharers: Tino Go – Sharing Economy & Furniture Industry Leader

RentItems interviewed Tino Go a visionary leader in the sharing economy and furniture industry.

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5 Ways the Sharing Economy Can Help in the COVID-19 Crisis

5 Ways the Sharing Economy Can Help in the COVID-19 Crisis

Because of COVID-19, money is tight, businesses are stretched, and people are feeling isolated and alone. Learn what can be done to turn a challenging situation into an opportunity.

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sustainability cleaning and organizing your basement

Why RentItems? The Best Way to Clean Out Your Basement

The basement is one of those places everyone dumps their items that might get used once or twice a year. Tons of items sit idle in homes across the United States and beyond. Share what you own, rent what you need.

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renting is revving up article by Josh Nickell

Renting is Revving Up!

The COVID-19 crisis is not the end of the sharing economy; we are just getting started! Multiple publications have declared the death of the sharing economy, including the New York Times and the Financial Times. If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I’ve had an entirely different perspective. The initial reaction to the pandemic was that the sharing economy wouldn’t survive the crisis, but in reality, it’s just changing and adapting.

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sharing economy circular economy comparison

Rental, Hire, Sharing, and Circular, what do they really mean?

Rental, hire, sharing, and circular, what do they really mean? Learn the differences between rental, hire, sharing, and circular as Josh Nickell provides a comparative analysis.

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sharing economy marketplace companies

Best List of Sharing Economy Marketplace Companies

Access the best list of sharing economy articles. If you are doing a research project or want to learn more about the P2P sharing economy or rental market, this is the most comprehensive list of sharing economy articles.

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Self-Storage Units Facility Ideas

Self-Storage Facility Opportunities in Sharing Economy

Do you own or operate a self-storage facility? See how Rent Items can help you and your storage unit tenants be more efficient with the assets sitting idle at your facility.

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small business owner coronavirus

Coronavirus Impacts Small Businesses Owners the Most. Now What?

No doubt small business owners have been impacted the most by the Coronavirus crisis. Here are some ways small businesses can make adjustments.

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sharing economy marketplaces impact on Coronavirus Crisis

Sharing Economy Marketplaces Impact on Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus Impact on sharing economy marketplaces has been significant. Moving forward, the 'new norm' will be highly dependent on two things - digital access and convenience to goods and services.

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zero waste reduce reuse recycle rent items

REUSE! A Documentary on How to be More Sustainable

Watch this documentary on creative ways to reuse items already consumed and in the market. Learn how you can put your items to better use and become more sustainable.

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how to generate a rental income coronavirus corvid-19

Generate a Rental Income During the Coronavirus Crisis

Looking for ways to generate an income from home? Here is how you can generate a rental income during the coronavirus crisis

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COVID-19 cleaning out your home and making money rentals

A Response to the Coronavirus: Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring cleaning your garage is a great activity to deal with the coronavirus while staying at home. Use this time wisely by decluttering your life. Determine what to dispose of, what to sell, and what to rent on the Rent Items' Marketplace.

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Top 10 Best Rentals Covid-19 Coronavirus

Top 10 Things to Rent to Battle the Coronavirus

There are many things people can rent to battle the coronavirus. The following are the top 10 things people need to rent right now while dealing with the coronavirus.

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college student generating a rental income from home

College Students Generate a Rental Income from Home

How to make a rental income from home as a college student while helping your local community. College students making an impact on the coronavirus.

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How to Working from Home

How to Work From Home

How to work from home may seem obvious to many people that already do this. But, because of coronavirus/COVID-19 many people will be forced to work from home so Rent Items wants to offer some solutions to generate an income.

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10 things to rent to make extra money

10 Easy Things You Can Rent Out for Extra Money

Are you looking for a way to make extra money? Renting the items already in your possession and sitting idle a great way to put your assets to work and make an extra income.

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what is sharing economy

What is the Sharing Economy?

An overview of the sharing economy. The sharing economy is projected to grow from $15 billion in 2014 to $335 billion in 2025.

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pop-up stores for rent

How to Rent a Pop-Up Store?

The space needed for a pop-up store and the materials needed is only used temporarily. Therefore, it makes much more sense to rent the space and the materials needed to create an environment and store experience that will wow visitors.

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Best List of Sharing Economy Articles

Access the best list of sharing economy articles. If you are doing a research project or want to learn more about the P2P sharing economy or rental market, this is the most comprehensive list of sharing economy articles.

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future of commerce robotics rentals

The Future of Commerce

The future of commerce is renting and sharing of goods and services. See how you can be engaging in the sharing economy as an individual and business by thinking about renting instead of just buying and selling.

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prepare natural disaster relief effort rent items

Natural Disaster Relief Efforts: How You Can Get Involved?

Natural disasters will continue to occur more frequently and with greater severity. Are you prepared for events such as a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, or flood? Get prepared and help people in other cities in need.

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how to market a new product

How to Market Your New Product? Rent It

Are you launching a new product? Let Rent Items help you get your new product in the market by renting and sharing it with others.

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Self-Storage Units Facility Ideas

Self-Storage Facilities Should Be Better Utilized

If a self-storage unit renter can generate an income with the items that are being stored at your facility, it will lead to better customer satisfaction and great customer retention.

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rent furniture sharing economy

Stay Home, and Rent Your Furniture

Are you are staying home because you are disabled, ill, retired, or taking care of your children? Renting your furniture is a great opportunity for you to consider to generate an income.

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baby boomers seniors furniture

Making an Income in Retirement Through Furniture Rentals

If you are over 65-years old and have accumulated a lot of furniture, you are probably starting to wonder what to do with all your stuff. Rent Items has the perfect solution for you to consider.

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used furniture rental boston chicago

A New Way to Share Used Furniture

Do you own an abundance of used furniture? If so, Rent Items, an innovative peer-to-peer mobile, and web-based furniture rental marketplace will help you put your furniture inventory to better and wider use.

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Peer-to-peer P2P Marketplace Trust Article

The Importance of Trust for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplaces

Compared to other businesses, it can be more challenging for P2P platforms to establish that trust as there are more forces outside of the operator's control.

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estate sales sharing economy rentals

Estate Sales in the Sharing Economy – Estate Rentals

Estate sales have always been a way to liquidate all assets from someone’s possession. However, in a sharing economy and through Rent items, better options now exist. Estate sellers can now offer clients better value and more unique service offerings.

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World Economic Forum what is next sharing economy

Video of the Week: World Economic Forum, What’s Next for the Sharing Economy?

The 'Sharing Economy' is a recurring item on the agenda of the World Economic Forum. Learn what is next for the sharing economy.

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how to rent your items with less risk

How to Rent Your Items with Less Risk

By far the #1 question we are asked by potential owners and renters, How do you make sure the items that are rented are kept in good condition? This article outlines the steps Rent Items is taking to answer this question well.

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Should I Rent My Items or Not Risk Reward Analysis

Should I Rent My Items or Not?

If you are concerned about something happening to your items such as getting damaged during a rental, a risk-reward analysis will help you think through what decision to make based on your risk tolerance in conjunction with your potential financial gain.

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Rent Items Audio of the week

Audio of the Week: An Economics Take on the Sharing Economy

NYU Stern professor Arun Sundararajan shares his thoughts on ‘crowd-based capitalism’ and democratization of opportunities, through the creation of millions of mini-entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy.

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paycheck to paycheck financial freedom

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

Are you among the majority of Americans that are living paycheck to paycheck? Learn how Rent Items can help you combat this problem.

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Sharing Economy Conference Boston Northeastern University

Sharing Economy @ Northeastern University

The following are three major takeaways from the SHARE Conference at Northeastern University.

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US Bike Rentals

We All Own Too Much Stuff!

We all own too much stuff! We believe renting the items that we currently own and exist in the market is a more cost-efficient and effective way to live.

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Rent Items User Infograph

Rent Items’ User Experience Infograph

Rent Items is a peer-to-peer rental community and marketplace. This infograph illustrates how a local community can rent instead of buying and selling items.

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Rent Items Business Plan Infograph

Rent Items’ Business Plan Infograph

Rent Items is a peer-to-peer rental community and marketplace. This infograph illustrates the Rent Items business plan for renting instead of buying and selling items.

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