At the core of Rent Items, we want to help self-storage facility owners and tenants be more efficient with their assets. We want to help storage unit tenants put their items to better use while creating a financial benefit for the facility owners and operators. We don’t present any threats to the self-storage facility owners and operators but offer an opportunity to be a leader in the industry. Yes, this does require thinking a little differently and out-of-the-box, but as we have all noticed over the last five years, the sharing economy is only going to continue growing and becoming more and more widely accepted by both individuals and businesses. The disruption will occur with or without the support of the self-storage industry.

What is the Opportunity?

Rent Items would like to work with storage facility owners and operators in order to increase revenue opportunities, decrease turnover, and increase tenant satisfaction.

In addition, our patent-pending technology has the ability to facilitate the fulfillment of rental orders without contact between the owner and the renter of the items.

What is the Objective?

To develop a mutually beneficial working relationship with storage facility owners and operators that will grow more substantially over time. Initially, the objective is to establish a solution that will offer new ways for tenants to generate an income on the items sitting idle in their storage unit. In turn, Rent Items will help increase revenue, decrease turnover, and increase customer satisfaction for your storage facility. Your storage facility will have a unique and distinctive advantage in a growing competitive self-storage market by partnering with Rent Items.

Fulfillment & Logistics

Rent Items is able to help facilitate several fulfillment and logistical solutions without a self-storage facility owner/operator taking possession of the tenants’ belongings which is an important issue. Here are the three ways Rent Items foresees logistics and fulfillment being handled in a self-storage facility environment.

Status Quo – The easiest way is to have the owner of the items meet with the renter during all transactions. This is currently happening now when an owner of the item who is also renting a self-storage unit sells their items on Craiglist or other popular platforms. This is how our rental marketplace system is currently set up. In addition, the major benefit and difference with Rent Items are we have built a proprietary patent-pending system for how to conduct a secure transaction between an owner and renter during the times they meet with each other. Our fulfillment process provides a much better logistical solution compared to informal platforms and marketplaces.

Locker System – We can designate a unit or outside area of a self-storage unit facility to be set up as a locker system. This can be a new source of revenue for CubeSmart facilities.

Smart Locks & In-Unit Video Monitoring – As an expansion of our pilot program (Phase 2), we can establish a smart lock and in-unit video monitoring system to allow renters and owners to facilitate rentals.

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