Rent Instead of Buy or Sell!

Who We Are

Rent Items is a rental technology company. We have created a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that puts items sitting idle in a garage, storage unit, retail store, or warehouse to better use. We provide individuals and businesses a new way to generate income and save money by renting instead of buying items that are needed temporarily.

Our Mission

To build stronger local communities and a sharing economy by putting the items we already own to better use.

Core Values

  • Impact Focused - Leverage tech to improve the lives of others.
  • Ideation - Embrace audacious challenges and be hightly creative.
  • High Tech & High Touch - Create great products and support them well.
  • Sharing is Caring - Sharing assets and building relations within local communities.

Current Status

The following are the critical steps currently taking place. Join the mission!

Rental Marketplace v2.0

Recruiting & Building v2.0


City Leaders

Recruiting City Leaders in Key Markets

City Opportunities

Community Building

Community Leaders Outreach

Community Leaders