Making an Income in Retirement Through Furniture Rentals

Have You Accumulated Lots of Furniture?

The Latest Concept for Used Furniture 

If you are over 65-years old and have accumulated a lot of furniture, you are probably starting to wonder what to do with all your stuff. Rent Items has the perfect solution for you to consider. Transform your furniture glut problems into a great opportunity.  By joining Rent Items you can make extra money, contribute to your local community, or simply participate in social interactions with your neighbors.

Seniors, Fastest Growing Users of Sharing Economy Platforms

A fascinating fact: seniors are very active members of the sharing economy, which is embodied in apps such as Uber or Airbnb. Actually, “the fastest-growing Airbnb host demographic is seniors, with over 200,000 senior hosts and over 120,000 senior women hosts.” While there seem to be apps for renting a car,  a room, or even a home for temporary use, how many apps or sites do you know of that provide you with the opportunity to rent your furniture to a peer in your city? Rent Items was created for furniture owners like you who could generate an income from the increasing demand of used furniture (check out Figure 1 for one of the causes of this new demand.) Easy to use, Rent Items will match you with students, young professionals, or remote workers who value access rather than ownership of used furniture because of budget or space constraints. 

A Tale of Two Values: Sustainability + Community Building. 

Figure 1: 2018 Graph extracted from the Nielson Company, illustrating the upward trend in the demand for sustainability.1 

Sustainable Product Sales in United States

Demonstrated by the above graph, people are caring more about the sustainability of the items they purchase. In the U.S., the actual sales of sustainable products are expected to continue to grow. As the graph illustrates, this holds true even by conservative forecasts. In any case, this new demand suggests an inclination towards used furniture because of its durability. Many options exist for offering your furniture for sale; however, Rent Items’ specializes in renting your items so that you still are able to keep the asset and generate a sustainable income. Rent Items allows you to put your used furniture to better use. The company was founded on the belief that less consumption = less environmental waste and more sharing = stronger local communities. Ultimately, with Rent Items, the goal is to match those that have (owners) with those that need (renters).

Because seniors are the fastest growing group of sharing economy users, Rent Items is devoted to making the sharing of your items and rental process as easy and secure as possible for seniors. Rent Items’ number one endeavor is to build stronger communities. More importantly, we provide an amazing opportunity for the baby boomer generation to interact and connect with Millennials in a constructive and positive way. James Zimbardi, CEO of Rent Items said, “In order to have a vibrant community, we believe it is important to build bridges across multi-generations in every local community in the world. We want to empower seniors to have a tremendous impact and purpose in their community. We are providing a new way for seniors to constructively use their time to engage with others.“

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Don’t Delay, Start Sharing Your Used Furniture 

Think about all the items you own. Do you really need to keep them all in your possession? Do you need to sell everything? Or, would it be best to retain the items you already spent years accumulating and offering them to others on a temporary basis for better utilization. Think of all the benefits of renting your used furniture. You will enrich your neighborhood in an instant. You will allow renters to save money while you can make an additional or sustainable income.
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