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The sharing economy is an opportunity to create a more sustainable way to live and work. Our impact plan is to bring economical, social, and environmental benefits to cities all over the world by putting items sitting idle and already consumed to better use. Together, we have a unique opportunity to mobilize people, communities, and resources for a wide variety of reasons such as disaster relief efforts, battling crisis situations like the coronavirus pandemic, or by simply making the cost of living more affordable.

Rent Items needs your help to make a real difference in the world.  Will you join us?

Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities are notorious for having items sitting idle. We engage self-storage facilities to provide solutions to improve tenant retention and satisfaction.

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Community Leaders

Are you community-minded and entrepreneurial? Join us as a Community Leader and make a difference in your city and local community.

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Digital Marketer

Are you a digital marketer or influencer? Do you have the ability to educate others on how they can improve their lifestyle by becoming more sustainable and simplified? Join the RentItems Digital Marketer Program Today! 

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Sharing Economy Advocate

Do you believe less is more? Access over ownership is more efficient and cost-effective? Join Rent Items as a sharing economy advocate and help make Reuse of Items as a common household practice.

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Financial Guru

Do you provide financial advice and recommendations to others about their personal finances? Partner with Rent Items as a financial guru and help people become more resourceful in how they make and spend money.

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Traditional eCommerce is creating 165 billion packages a year cause the need for 1 billion trees a year. Rent Items is reducing packaging by encouarging people to share their items locally. 

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