There are many things people can rent to battle the coronavirus. The following are the top 10 things people need to rent right now while dealing with the coronavirus.

1) Cleaning Equipment

Keeping your facilities and home clean is essential to fight the coronavirus. Good cleaning equipment is a great way to help prevent the spreading of the corvid-19. Do you have cleaning equipment available that is not being used? Make your cleaning equipment available to others in your local community that need to keep their facilities and home clean.

2) Educational Tools & Resources

Most schools are currently closed for an unknown period of time. Some schools are functioning virtually as some have stopped meeting altogether. Continuing to keep students engaged, educational tools and resources are needed to keep the learning process going. Homeschooling has become essential and buying expensive educational resources for temporary use is unnecessary. Do you have educational resources available that can be getting used? Share them with those in need through our rental marketplace.

3) Home Maintenance

As you are staying at home, this is a great opportunity to get that unfinished DIY project done. Also, this is an opportunity to save money by doing your own lawn. If you have home maintenance items laying around, rent them on the Rent Items’ Marketplace.

4) Medical Equipment

There is a lack of medical resources in the market right now. There is a good chance some of those resources needed are sitting idle in a lab or storage facility somewhere. If you or someone you know has access to medical equipment, share them with the medical community that is in need.

5) Gardening Equipment

As there is a lack of food available and uncertainty about where the food is being sourced from, planting and building your own garden is a great way to generate your own food. There are plenty of gardening tools and equipment already sitting idle in a garage or shed. Share your gardening tools and equipment with others in your local community, by adding them to the Rent Items’ Marketplace.

6) Air Purification Systems

Clean air is a privilege we often take for granted. If you have air purification equipment or air purification systems, please list them on our rental marketplace.

7) Gym Equipment

Since gyms are not open during this time and buying expensive gym equipment to get a good workout is either not wise or not feasible, now is a great time to rent gym equipment. If you own gym equipment that is sitting idle, add your gym equipment to our rental marketplace.

8) Books

Reading is always a great way to use your time wisely, especially when you are stuck at home. There are so many books already in the market and local communities. Renting books is a great way to save and make money while enriching your life and continuing to learn.

675 million print books were sold last year in the U.S. alone. Rent instead of buy books!Click To Tweet

10) Sporting Goods

A great way to use time wisely right now is to remain active while keeping a safe distance from others. Setting up a volleyball court in your front yard or taking a kayak or canoe in the local lake are some viable activities to consider. If you have sporting good equipment available and sitting idle, put your resources to better use and list them on the Rent Items’ Marketplace.

9) Games for Gaming

Everyone wants to have a verity of games. A great way to learn new games and share games is to rent them on the Rent Items’ Marketplace. Do you have games that you are currently not playing right now? Rent them to others in your local community. Do you want to try a new game? Make a request on our rental platform what games you are looking to rent.

Important Note: Owners of items, please make sure all items are properly cleaned and sanitized before renting them out to others. Everyone keeps social distance during this time by applying a no-touch policy. Lastly, follow all the latest @CDCgov guidelines.