How to Work From Home

Working from home has become extremely popular. Due to technology, it is common for someone to continue to participate in work-related meetings and activities remotely. But not all professions and industries are set up to work from home. The good news, marketplaces such as Rent Items are making it feasible for people to generate an income while working from home.

'4.7 million employees (3.4% of the workforce) now work from home at least half the time.' - Kate Lister Click To Tweet

Impact of Coronavirus / COVID-19 on the Workforce

Due to the Coronavirus, the number of people working from home will increase drastically and immediately as employers such as Google, Twitter, and others are asking or mandating their employees to work from home. But, not all companies and organizations are able to offer this option. Therefore, this might be a good time to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit and declutter your life by taking inventory of the items you have in your home, apartment, office, or storage unit. People are going to need creative ways to generate an income from home, and Rent Items is here to help.

How to Generate an Income While Working from Home

As the Coronavirus impacts the workforce and job opportunities, working from home to generate income is now very feasible. One great option is to rent the items and assets already in your possession by listing them on the Rent Items’ Marketplace. Why? Because it does not require additional investment or funds to get started. When considering this opportunity, keeping you and your family safe is the number one priority. Also, taking additional precautions in terms of cleanliness is of the utmost importance. The CDC website offers the best advice on how to proceed with caution. During this unusual time of Coronavirus/COVID-19, Rent Items will help source the necessary transportation and help facilitate the transaction between the owner and the renter.

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Important Note to Asset Owners

Keeping your items cleaned and properly sanitized at all times. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure items are clean for the renter. For the safety of others, if you are sick especially if you have Coronavirus-like symptoms, please do not list your items or make them active on the Rent Items Marketplace until you have been cleared by your doctor.

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