College Students Generate a Rental Income from Home

Are you a college student studying or working from home?

Rent Items wants to help you be proactive in using your time wisely while staying confined to your home. As a college student, you can now generate an income and support your local community by renting your items on This includes items such as games, books, sporting goods, electronics, furniture, etc. 


Step 1: List Your Items Sitting Idle

Put your resources to better use by registering and adding your items that are sitting idle. Generate an income as an owner, and save money as a renter while utilizing the resources that already exist in your local community.


Step 2:  Build Your Local Rental Community

Ask family and friends if they have any items they would like to rent as well on Encourage them to join the rental community as well.

Step 3: Follow Rent Items on Social Media

Follow us @RentItems – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Step 4: Share You Have Made a Positive Contribution with Others

After posting your items, let others know you have made a positive contribution to help fight the negative impact of the Coronavirus:

“I made a contribution to the solution on” @RentItems #SharingisCaring #coronavirus #RentItems


A Worthy Cause

Join this worthy initiative by listing your items and sharing them with others in your local community. Together, we can immediately start helping local communities by renting the items already consumed to those in need. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Note: Other opportunities are available such as internships, city leaders, full-stack software engineering positions, etc.

Thank you for your consideration and support with this sustainable sharing economy initiative.  With your involvement, we hope to make a major impact on the economical, social, and environmental challenges we are currently facing.