Join our Trusted Community of RentItems Community Leaders

The items in your garage or home could be just what your neighbor would like to rent. And your neighbor probably has things they would like to rent out too! As a RentItems Community Leader, you can make the most of this, start a ‘side hustle’ – and even help the planet too.

So how does it work?

A Rent Items Community Leader is someone who is community-minded – and is also tired of seeing so many items around them going unused. From full garages to jam-packed self-storage units – all of us store a lot more than we use.

Generate an income while making an impact

The great news is that with RentItems, you can be apart of the solution and not the problem, make an income, and have a positive impact on both the world and the community around you.

Whether you like to travel, want to work from home, or just need an excuse to connect with friends, we provide a way to lead a digital or local community group. As a RentItems Community Leader, you could generate monthly recurring income for yourself and help others build a sustainable income source by renting their items on the marketplace too. 

  • Make an income renting out your own unused items and helping others in your local or digital community to do the same.
  • Learn best practices and receive educational sessions on how to put under-used or unused items to better use.
  • Benefit from marketing and advertising materials, VIP tech support, and referral tracking software.
  • Access to extensive virtual training.
  • Join a growing community of people like you who are interested in making money and making an impact.

Become a RentItems Community Leader today – complete the form below and we’ll reply with more details on how to get started.